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Backed by a team of online sampling experts and industry veterans, NextON Services Pvt. Ltd. offers full-scale project management services in the online research industry. Our promise is sample expertise and research consultancy. We use these competencies to generate true value for our clients.

NextON has offices in UAE & India. Its headquarter is in UAE (Dubai) and works with clients across the world.

The company is founded by Naim ul Qadar, an online research veteran with over a decade of specialized online and sampling experience. Naim started at Greenfield Online (now Toluna) where he launched and managed teams in Sample and Client Services. His next stint was at Springboard Research (now Forrester Research) where his role spanned from proposal development to data analysis.

Naim started the India Operations of uSamp in 2009. Later in his role as Director of Client Services, he built a strong team of more than 20 project managers. He has also trained many overseas Project Managers. He holds an MBA degree from Hamdard University, New Delhi.


Our Vision

To be globally recognized as a trusted partner and expert in managing large-scale research projects.

Our Mission

To create true value for our clients by offering them world-class sample expertise and management services.

Our team of sample experts brings true value to research companies by taking the pains of managing sample and fieldwork away from them. With NextON’s experts handling the project from its launch to complete execution; managers at research companies can rest assured and focus on more strategic issues. We also work closely with panel companies across the world and help them scale their operations with 24x7 coverage around the world.


Research Companies

By working with NextON, Research Companies stand to gain a lot of productive time that was otherwise spent in meeting their sample needs and engaging with panel companies. NextON also helps them get the desired 24x7 coverage for their sample. Finally, we help research companies by bringing our research expertise in understanding their actual research requirements and dealing with multiple panel companies on their behalf.

NextON will

Manage sample for you: We spend a little time with you to understand your sample needs and preferred vendors, and take the complete management of sample from that point on. NextON will float RFQs on your behalf, collate the bids, suggest and recommend vendors, and then work with your chosen vendor and monitor the fieldwork. This is hassle-free end-to-end management for your sample so you can focus on what is truly important for your business.

Why work with NextON

  • Gain from our expertise: NextON's team has experts specializing in online sampling with years of experience.
  • Deal with a single manager: NextON is fully-equipped to manage multiple panel providers on your behalf, for all projects that require multiple panel partners. You will deal only with a NextON manager.
  • Go with Self-serve sampling: NextON's sampling expertise will allow you to sample your projects flawlessly on self-serve sampling.
  • Continuous monitoring and alerts: NextON can sense when a panel starts failing, and will raise internal alerts for you, so that you don't get nasty surprises anymore.
  • 24x7 coverage: Your project will get round the clock coverage and you have the freedom of launching a project anytime you want.

Panel Companies

With increase in demand of sample from multiple time zones, it's very important for panel companies to be available round the clock. Once a project is live, sample flows 24x7 in the survey.

NextON will

  • Provide Project Managers to front-end your organization on per seat basis,
  • Understand the study's objectives, research methodology necessary to meet objectives, and the timelines for project completion,
  • Execute online data collection projects with full lifecycle project execution,
  • Manage projects right from the kick-off stage, ensuring quality throughout the execution process,
  • Reduce panel burn.

The scope of NextON will include

  • Attending the project kick-off meetings to capture project deliverables and timelines,
  • Setting functional timelines to meet overall project timeline and manage deliverables to that schedule,
  • Reviewing survey links for quality and accuracy to obtain client approval,
  • Monitoring on-line survey deployment; provide updates to the clients on survey completes,
  • Helping solve problems when completes are not meeting project objectives.

Other Services Offered

Technology Services

  • Data Collection Tool,
  • Survey Programming,
  • Mobile Survey,
  • Conjoint Design,
  • Basic Analysis Tool.

Analytical Services

  • Data Modeling,
  • Data Processing,
  • Data Analysis,
  • Coding,
  • Charting & Dashboard.

Our Panels


NextON Services provides data collection services to market research firms.

We leverage our experience to provide the best possible online panels and high-quality responses. With our multifarious panels of high quality, highly profiled panelists from around the world, we can quickly obtain the opinions of your target market, including B2B/IT and healthcare.

Our panels are carefully managed and we adhere to strict quality standards. With demanding recruitment methods, we closely monitor recruitment sources to ensure respondent quality and utilize fraud detection, location- verification and proprietary de-duplication technology to name a few.

We do not charge any project minimums. Try our services today.

Please send an email to bids@NextONservices.com for our Panelbook and Esomar 28.


  • Naim Qadar

    Founder and CEO

  • Saurabh K

    Senior Vice President - Sales and Operations



We offer great benefits including medical insurance

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Our work environment is fun, casual and team-oriented. We also have XBOX station in our office


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Interested candidates can send their resumes at career@nextonservices.com

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